I am an active trader on a daily basis. I am focused on low gen tapes especially, however, from time to time I am also collecting manufactured CDs from some bootleg labels. If you're interested, please email me so we can chat and trade eventually.

      Speaking about trading, as said before, I am mainly interested in low gen tapes. Since trading means free, legal exchange of fan-made concert tapes, radio or TV broadcasts and material that was never - and will never be - officially released, I am glad to may offer something for the others. Due to these facts, I am always very interested in getting something I do not have yet. All the titles are listed chronologically. Each time low gen preceded manufactured title if any. I use (0) either for analog and digital lineages. I also do not trade material officially released.

My Own Trade Rules

1. I trade at a 1/1 rate, be they CD-R or DVD-R. I'd now prefer to trade CD-R/DVD-R full of FLAC/SHN/APE files, but I'll happily still do the odd CD-R audio trade here and there. I'm also up for online trades (via Bittorrent, FTP, DC++ etc).
2. I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) in Secure Mode (read/write offsets corrected) to extract WAV files onto my hard drive and then burn using DAO (Disc-At-Once) at 4x speed. When it comes to live recordings, please always use the DAO mode to avoid the 2 second gaps between the tracks.
3. No MP3 sourced material. In the past I was not intentionally trading with MP3 sourced material, but now I have the ability to detect (in most cases) whether a show has an MP3 lineage or not. There still may be some of my shows that are actually sourced that way (unknown to me at the time) and it will be indicated in the comments section, these will be removed whenever I come across them. If I find what you have sent me is from MP3 I will stop trading with you automatically.
4. Use a decent media to burn onto please. I use, in most cases, only high quality Japanese media but I'd also now prefer few of other media such as Verbatim. Anyway I expect the people to trade with to do the same.
5. Any faulty discs from my side will be replaced by me and I expect the same from you.
6. Do not use jewel cases. Just paper sleeves and envelopes. Please do not write on the discs, either a post-it or a slip of paper in the case will suffice. Before sending discs, please take so care with the package.
7. I do not trade any offficial material. Please support the artist(s) and buy their official output from your local store(s).

Sound Quality

      One person's ear may hear things differently to someone else so there's no "set rules" regarding sound quality. My ratings are given based on the same used on my Help! section, but here's a qucik guide so you have a rough idea where I am coming from:
  • SUPERB (12-11) - usually reserved for "official release quality" material only
  • EXCELLENT (10-09) - top quality, no noise/distortion at all
  • VERY GOOD (8-7) - generally good but not professional quality, possible very slight noise/distortion
  • GOOD (6-5) - all instruments audible with excessive hiss, some compressed sound or distortion or fair instruments balance and sound quality below average
  • FAIR (4-3) - poor balance, at least one instrument inaudible, bad distortion
  • POOR (2-1) - only main instrument clearly audible, very distorted with bad hall ambience or virtually inaudible

      If you accepted my rules, let's start trade!