Recent Updates

November 19th, 2018

    Empress Valley released a massive lavish collector's box set, The Lost Ark Of The Covenent, which is The For Badgeholders Only 20th Anniversary Edition. This long clamshell aka "Tutenkhamun" 18 disc set is a straight reissue of their massive collection of six Los Angeles shows that took place between 21st and 27th of June back in 1977, released back in 2008 as definitive version of these legendary performances. This new edition debuts with a completely new artwork, and enclosing six individual glossy gatefold sleeves armed with obis (each with different design). This set is limited to few dozens of copies only and is no numbered.

November 15th, 2018

    The Graf Zeppelin is about to release their newest production, a triple disc set titled Dancing Avocado Supreme: Fillmore West April 1969. This set is focusing on two excellent sounding recordings: disc 1 reissuing April 24th audience (adding bonus track from January 9th show) tape and disc 2 and 3 reissuing April 27th soundboard tape.

October 31st, 2018

    Two new titles from the Far East are on the way due start of next month, both are reissuing audio known from previous sets.

    Earl's Court May 23, 1975 is a four disc set from Wendy Records, collecting a source compilation for this show.

    Hamburg 1973 a double disc set from Hamburg on March 21st, 1973. This is an audience source that mixes in the available soundboard fragments for Dazed and Confused, Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love.

October 12th, 2018

    A Sweeter Blueberry is a double disc set from the Golden Eggs label featuring the famous “Blueberry Hill” concert from the Great Western Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Ca. on September 4th, 1970 sourced from excellent sounding stereophonic recording. This comes with an 8 page booklet.

October 1st, 2018

    As expected, the Eelgrass haven't been behind the scene for too long and announced their own version of recently released soundboard tape from the 929 show. How The East Was Won 929 is a double disc set featuring all available tracks and adding Stairway To Heaven and Friends that were previously released on two single disc samplers by the Empress Valley earlier this year. This release, packaged in a standard jewel case, is dedicated especially for those, who weren't able to afford more expensive but also more luxury EV sets.

September 22nd, 2018

    Empress Valley just announced a long awaited September 29th, 1971 Osaka show sourced from soundboard, previously known and circulated for years as poorer sounding copies taken from a multitrack mixdown. As usual, three different versions of this show has been released.

  • Ultimate Royal “OH-SHOW” Promo Collector's Edition. This 5CD strictly limited to 100 copies only box with obi includes both the previously unreleased soundboard source plus as a special bonus the original EVSD Audience source to provide two completely different listening perspectives for this awesome show. Each CD set is housed in special paper case and is enclosed in an exquisite box.

  • Geisha Box Set. This 2CD box set with obi, limited to 200 copies only features the previously unreleased soundboard source with commemorative Japanese woodblock art print covers. The CD set is housed in special paper cases with obis and is enclosed in an exquisite box..

  • How The East Was Won. This 2CD exclusive limited box with obi features the previously unreleased soundboard source. The CD set is housed in special paper cases with obis. The set is enclosed in an exquisite box.

    The initial reports coming out from Japan are saying that the show isn't complete and it missing several songs from the actual setlist but even if this is a somewhat fragmentary release, this is an extremely interesting production with a much better quality than any past title containing this date so far. In a perverse sort of way this is actually good news indeed.

    Tour Over Cologne 1980 is Wendy's latest release, containing almost complete soundboard patched with audience tape from June 18th, 1980 show completed with three bonus tracks taken from audience source alone.

September 17th, 2018

    Graf Zeppelin hits the streets with two new titles, both reissuing the stuff known from past releases.

    The first is the triple disc set with their own version of Live On Blueberry Hill, which contains famous September 4th, 1970 show sourced from few different tape recordings. The third disc is a direct copy of Rubber Dubber's double vinyl album titled Live At The Los Angeles Forum 9-4-70. A poster, label's sticker and strict limitation is included.

    The second is Complete Boston Garden 1970, a double disc set covering complete performance that took place on September 9th, 1970 in Boston, Ma. To tease the customers more, the label decided to include few bonus tracks from so called alternate tape source. Again, label's sticker and limitation is given.

    T2K's2 spin off label, Boleskine House Records, have announced another reissue from their catalogue, LZ Live At Clive's. This is a double disc set rereleasing famous Southampton January 22nd, 1972 multitrack in exact same fashion as their previous titles of this gig. The only difference is that they now included a short, few minutes long rehearsal from the day before, previously not included on their original release.

August 31st, 2018

    The Spirit Of Zero Fighter is the newest effort that came ouf from T2K, and this is likely label's answer to the recently released EV's 1972 Japan Tour set. This somewhat weird and inadequately sounding title covers October 4th, 1972 show that took place in Osaka, Japan. As usual, T2K treated us with two types of the artwork and the cover is beautifully designed gatefold with a sticker and obi.

August 25th, 2018

    Empress Valley hits the streets with latest release, The Last Adieu. This six disc set features both Oakland July 1977 shows taken from audience recordings and mixed to present complete versions of these very last US performances. Deluxe hologram box armed with two obis contains six individual envelopes, two photo cards, two poster replicas and a special numbering card. The set is limited to 50 copies only. Released previously on Magic Bus as a part of their massive, seven disc set eponymous titled Alpha & Omega, these are a nice welcome for those, who weren't able to pick up that exclusive set at the time when it was released.

    As special bonus, EV included a double disc set of a compilation from three incomplete soundboard recordings from the US 1977 tour from the following locations: Landover on May 26, New York on June 11 and Los Angeles on June 23. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

August 22nd, 2018

    Two new titles are out from the Lighthouse this week and both are covering the 1977 US tour with reissues of some well known shows. A strict limitation is given to both as well as label's sticker.

    Pontiac Silverdome 1977 is a triple disc set from Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan on April 30th. The last only silver version of this show was Hot Rods In Pontiac from the TDOLZ label released many years ago. This new title is sourced from recently surfaced remastered copy of tape made by fans to fans and circulated among torrent sites.

    L.A. Forum 1977 3rd Night: 3 Source Mix is another triple disc set from The Forum, Inglewood, California on June 23rd. As title says, this is a three source mix based upon a source taken from two volumes of vinyl sets titled For Badge Holders Only with a perfect quality. Since this show has the status of being legendary (mainyl because of a sudden appearance of great late Keith Moon during Bonham's drums solo and both encores), this set is a good addition to the underground discography.

August 13th, 2018

    T2K has announced a new title. It's 25th anniversary edition of the legendary Osaka September 29th, 1971 show and the title is Live In The Fairly Tale. The double disc set includes an incomplete but good soudning new recording done by Mr. Peach itself and is reported that the tape has been seized by Peter Grant, thus there's no end of the show. As always, T2K is teasing the collectors with multiple variations for this set, this time introducing eight different covers, each amed with their obi and sticker with label's logo. (Photo courtesy of SwineSong website.)

August 8th, 2018

    Dusseldorf 1970 is a double disc set from Lighthouse people covering Dusseldorf March 12th show sourced from newly surfaced fan made production, which has the longest source as the basis and other three as fillers. As with many of past Lighthouse releases, a big care must be taken because of their common practice of reissuing freely available torrents without any sign of professional editing and/or mastering. A casual sticker and limitation is standard here.

August 6th, 2018

    Wendy jsut released their latest production, Knebworth First Day double DVD set. This title presents complete professional footage for group's first Knebworth gig that took place on August 4th, 1979 that is supplied with three different audio tracks. The first is pure soundboard/video soundtrack, the second is excellent audience and third is a mix between both.

    Nothing new here really as this footage has been previously released by Lighthouse on their superb set Knebworth Masters 30th Anniversary Edition so again Wendy is duplicating already known stuff and armed it with just a new package.

July 19th, 2018

    Boleskine Houe Records, a spin off label from T2K have announced their newest title, Mad Hatter Tea Party, a single disc sourced from Boston on January 23rd, 1969. Nothing new here as this show has been issued couple of times before. An usual sticker and "20th anniversary edition" is a collector's tease for those, who are looking for every version of this show.

    Absence is a triple set released by Wendy Records, covering the complete show from Madison Square Garden, NY on June 11th, 1977. This is a standard audience source mix with bonus soundboard fragment. A standard obi is included.

July 15th, 2018

    The Complete BBC Sessions 20th Anniversary Edition is Empress Valley's newest, five disc deluxe set, strictly limited to 100 copies only. This is a reissue of their earlier title that contains complete BBC recordings from 1969 to 1971, and armed with a special bonus disc with 2012 rebroadcast version of classic April 1st, 1971 show. Each disc is housed in special paper case within an exqusitibe box with hologram cover that features classic William Stout artwork used on early LP bootlegs of the BBC material (of which the most notable are TMOQ pressings from early 1970s). (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

July 11th, 2018

    Texas International Pop Festival 1969: Stereo Matrix is a single disc recorded at the Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, Texas on August 31st, 1969 issued by the Lighthouse team. Thi is a soundboard and audience mix, focusing on a full dimensional stereo sour e merge.

June 27th, 2018

    T2K's spin off label, Boleskine House Records, has released a single title set, Two Daze After, reissuing audience tape from Honolulu, Hawaii on September 6th, 1970. A single glossy pocket sleeve armed with sticker.

June 13th, 2017

    Complete Live In Japan 1972: The Oveture & The Campaign is the newest massive effort from Empress Valley as stated few days ago.

    Two versions of this deluxe and strictly limited set are available, each differently entitled and each with different artwork. Both includes four stage photos and obis along with other additional stuff.

    The box contains complete six shows from entire Japan 1972 tour mixed from best available and previously unreleased sources and is labelled as the definitive collection of this tour so far.

    Each date is released in deluxe gatefold glossy gatefold sleeve and presents the most definitive version of this show available.

    All in all, this looks like a very ambitious project and from initial reports it is said that this set is the ultimate collection for the second Japan tour the band took in October of 1972. (All photos courtesy of AirRaid website.)

June 3rd, 2018

    Boleskine House Records, a spin-off label from T2K team have released their own version of Osaka 929 stage recording, Live In Japan 1971. Ths double disc set is sourced from virgin 1973 issue of a legendary 1973 copy of OG vinyl and is issued as standard version and as promo set in three different envelope types, each with sticker and with different background colour. All three promo sets are striclty limited and standard version is also limited to 100 copies only.

June 1st, 2018

    Houston & Denver 1973: John Bonham’s Master Cassettes is a double disc set from Lighthouse containing stereo soundboard recordings for Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX on May 16th, 1973 and Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO on May 25th, 1973. An susual limitation and sticker completing this reissue.

    The Empress Valley Supreme Disc label just have announced their new forthcoming title, 12 disc set containing complete Japan 1972 tour.

    Due the information given, this strictly limited deluxe box set features huge upgrades, previously unreleased sources and lowest generation source material ever released. As noted, all six shows are presented in the most complete versions and all are sourced from best sources possible to find. Each CD set is housed in special paper case within an exquisite box with obi and included a special bonus photo card in envelope. What's very impressing, this set will be available in two versions, each with different artwork: The Campaign style and The Overture style.

    It looks like this is the ultimate collection of these shows sourced from improved sources. No info yet is given as it comes for its release date nor complete title but from above description it is something very promising and should bring the accurate attention.


May 25th, 2018

    Kezer Stadium 1973 is triple disc set made by Lighthouse team from Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA on June 2nd, 1973. The first two discs features the audience recording while the third contains the soundboard fragment. This is almost an exact copy of an old title released by Electric Magic label, titled Imperial Kezar. A standard sticker is included.

May 19th, 2018

    Wendy Records strikes again with another two titles, both reissuing material known from many other past titles.

    Houses Of The Holy Sessions is double disc set covering several studio recordings from 1972 (Bombay sessions, Walter's Walk and No Quarter sessions). They completed this release with Lucifer Rising soundtrack outtakes that have been recorded by Page in late 1973. A standard obi is added as well.

    A Live Adventure At The Fillmore West is a reissue of their early title, this time with a slightly different artwork and with exact same content as their original release. Again, obi is included.

May 2nd, 2018

    Graf Zeppelin label have just announced a brand new 5CD release - Lead Poisoning: Live in Vienna 1973. This new title uses a completely new to silver audience source and adds a soundboard recording on a separate disc. Additionally, two bonus discs contains a source combo taken from other audience sources that are known from past releases. This set, strictly limited and stickered, is promoted as the ultimate release of this show.

    Tit For Tat is Empress Valley's newest effort. This 9CD strictly limited and numbered to 50 copies only promo set contains June 19th and June 21st, 1977 shows. The famous Eddie show is included here in two versions - as legendary Millard source and recently discovered alternate Erik source. The Millard aka Listen To This Eddie set features esclusve rare EV Xmas edition artwork and Listen To This Erik is a debut of this new source for the label. As bonus, there's another Millard recording, Listen To This Jefu, the great San Diego show released for the first time in label's history. As expected, this deluxe collector's set is armed with special inserts, replica all access pas and numbering card. The discs and paper cases are redesigned with a slightly new artwork and are housed inside an newly designed box with special hologram cover and deluxe obi. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

April 30th, 2018

    T2K just released their newest product, C'mon Everybody 25th Anniversary Edition, a triple disc set featuring audience source mix for the September 28th, 1971 show that took place in Osaka Festival Hall, Japan. Three different versions have been issued, each with slightly different artwork, sticker and obi and each is strictly limited to 50 copies only. Nothing new here except for another unique source mix that has been recently introduced by Lighthouse team just few months earlier this year.

April 22nd, 2018

    Crimson Tide is triple disc set released by Wendy Records and containing source mix for the May 18th, 1977 show from Birmingham, Alabama.

April 9th, 2018

    The Empress Valley hits the market with two special deluxe box sets with some interesting reissues and unique packaging. (All photos courtesy of AirRaid website.)

    Wildest Dream Promo Box Set is 6CD strictly limuted and numbered to 100 copies only deluxe edition containing two soundboard tapes from New York on February 13th and 14th, 1975, previously released exclusively on The King's Of The Stone Age and St. Valentine's Day Massacre sets. This exceptionally rare set also includes an extra empty box specially designed to store the two previously released promotional sets - Deus Ex Machina / Night of the Long Knives and How The West Was Redone Revisited. The disks and paper cases with obi have been designed with new artwork and are housed inside a newly designed exquisite box with obi.

    Bonzo’s Birthday Party is 11CD 20th anniversary version, which is also limited. This special set includes three different versions of this famous and exceptional show as released on the original version. The box also includes an extra bonus double disc set featuring a different soundboard tape than previously released by the label. Again, the disks and paper cases have been redesigned with new artwork and are housed inside an exquisite box with obi. Two Versions of this set are available - Hologram Cover version and Standard Cover version.

April 6th, 2018

    Wendy Records have just released its own version of Live On Blueberry Hill nine disc set, a comprehensive collection of five individual sources known previously from similar productions released exclusively by Empress Valley and T2K labels back in the first millenium of 2000s. Each set is a unique mix for one basic tape source and is completed with other sources to make virtually complete show. The last disc is a vinyl rip of tape that has been originally released on double vinyl set titled Live At The LA Forum 9-4-70. Issued by one of the earliest bootleg labels, California-based Rubber Dubber, this set is the only remainder of this tape.

April 1st, 2018

    Empress Valley has just released another track from, what we hope, an upcoming Osaka September 29th, 1971 multi-track recording. Stairway To Heaven is a special 1 track sampler, strictly limited to 100 copies and sourced from genuine multitrack tape.

    As with the Immigrant Song sampler released just few weeks earlier, this new set is also inspired by the original In Through the Out Door LP release, and is available as five different and unique Japanese woodblock print covers. Each of the five versions is housed in a special white airmail envelope to cloak the specific version contained within. This single sampler is also available as set with all five unique cover versions.

    Additionally, the label had released also Friends, another one-track sampler in a standard jewel case for those, who will post the envelope outside of the first sampler by mail or shop front. (All photos courtesy of AirRaid website.)

March 28th, 2018

    Wendy Records continues their saga of reissues and hit the market with its new title, Vis Unita Fortior. This double disc set covering a soundboard recording for Stoke-on-Trent show from January 15th, 1973 that has been released numerous times in the past. A standard obi and bizarre, asbtract artwork are included.

March 22nd, 2018

    The Lighthouse team have released its newest title, Trampled Underfoot. This double disc set covering a single audience tape source for New York February 7th, 1975 show that has been released only once on double vinyl set back in the mid 70s. Since original tapes from which original set have been lost, the vinyl is the only available document for this particular recording and this new set has been made from an exclusive copy made by some lavish collector in the 2010s.

March 11th, 2017

    Empress Valley is ready with a special deluxe box set, Texas Hurricane Promo Set. This six disc set contains previously available soundboards for Houston May 21st and Fort Worth May 22nd dates recorded during 1977 North American Tour. Limited to only 100 numbered copies and armed with obi, this set contains two separate glossy gatefld paper sleeves with two 1977 shows and a special free triple disc bonus glossy gatefold sleeve titled How The West Was Won Revisited, which is particulary a mix between Los Angeles June 25th, 1972 and Long Beach June 27th, 1972 shows. Each of individual sleeves has an obi as well. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

March 6th, 2018

    Graf Zeppelin has just released another title, Super Stars: Definitive 924 Tapes. This six disc sourced from the second Tokyo show that took place on September 24th, 1971 contains one mono and stereo audience source. It is not known yet if any of tapes included with this new release are either upgrade or unheard material.

February 8th, 2018

    Empress Valley has just announced something that might be very promising release due next months or so.

    Immigrant Song is a special 1 track sampler, strictly limited to 100 copies and sourced from genuine soundboard recording from legendary Osaka September 29th, 1971 show. Circulated for ages as poorly balanced copy of the multi-track and known as stage source, this single release debuts for the very first time with properly balanced soundboard tape fragment.

    Inspired by the original In Through the Out Door LP release, this sampler is being made available with five different and unique Japanese woodblock print covers. Each of the five versions is housed in a special white airmail envelope to cloak the specific version contained within. This single sampler is also available as set with all five unique cover versions.

January 14th, 2018

    Graf Zeppelin bring us Definitive Beach Party. This four disc features audience source mix of the show at Long Beach Arena on 27th of June 1972. This compilation also feature three soundboard tracks from the same gig, and the final disc is an alternate audience recording mixed up with soundboard. Previously released on great Godfather's box set How The West Was Won Revisited, this new title offers a similar mix of sources.

January 11th, 2018

    The first two titles of the New Year are came out from Lighthouse.

    928 Complete Edition is triple disc set from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on September 28th, 1971. This is a mix of audience sources based on their 928 release from 2016 debuting with separate, third audience tape source.

    Osaka 1971 1st Night is another triple disc title featuring a different mix of sources for Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on September 28th, 1971.