Recent Updates

March 15th, 2019

      Bath Festival aka "new cover version" is Empress Valley's reissue of the four disc set collection of two single audience sources recorded on June 28th, 1970 during Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music in Shepton Mallet, UK. A new artwork is given, along with obi and the content is actually the same as with the previous version released many years ago. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

March 4th, 2019

      As expected, the Empress Valley has released their own version of recently surfaced Glasgow December 3th, 1972 tape, titled Pop Gets Tied Up. In typical manner, two diferent editions have been issued: a triple disc set featuring new Glasgow tape only and five disc set that also features December 4th show from the same venue. The triple disc set is deluxe jewel case and five disc set is collector's gatefold sleeve limited to 100 copies only. (Both pictures courtesy of AirRaid website.)

      For those, who aren't interested in the luxury editions, the people behind the Lighthouse have also released this show on a double disc set simply titled Glasgow 1972 1st Night. A standard jewel case and sticker with limitation is given.

      At the same time Wendy Records is continuing the elegy of reissuing already liberated sources and flooded the market with two new sets. As usual, both titles are jewel cased and armed with obis.

      Wrath Of The Gods is a single disc set dedicated to the August 8th, 1969 show that took place in San Bernardino, Ca. This audience tape, married with a huge distortion, is dedicated mainly for those, who weren't able to purchase this recording in the past.

      Der Rote Baron is double disc set covering a superb sounding and very energetic performance from March 24th, 1973 that took place in Offenbach, West Germany during their European leg of tour promoting yet not released Houses Of The Holy album.

March 1st, 2019

      The Graf Zeppelin just announced their new title, Glasgow 1972 1st Night. This is a triple disc set of newly surfaced audience recording of almost complete show from December 3rd night at Green's Playhouse, Glasgow. A standard jewel case and limitation is given to this title that brings to us a completely new and uncirculated performance.

      T2K is ready with their anaother "super duper" reissue, this time introducing triple disc set titled Led Zeppelin In Rock (sic!), covering one of the famous Led Zeppelin live performances, the Montreux show that took place on March 7th, 1970.

      As with already released few past titles, this is a collection between excellent sounding audience and soundboard sources, combining source merge on first two discs and adding soundboard fragment on the third disc. Nothing new here and even the artwork is somewhat amusing as it's a parody of Deep Purple's In Rock album. The title is available in two different types, each differs with obi.

February 24th, 2019

      It looks like we're going thru the endless Cleveland 1977 saga! After a somewhat pointless T2K release of two shows from the first leg of the North American 1977 tour, the Empress Valley had decided to release their own version of newly surfaced second audience tape for April 28th show.

      Cleveland Rocks (subtitled The Destroyer Newly Discovered) is triple disc set containing the full tape sourced from new and better sounding transfer that was recently shared among the fans in December last year. A paper gatefold case holds three discs.

      For trainspotters, the label have reissued their regular type edition of deluxe Destroyer box set, arming its content with famous soundboard for April 27th, a well known excellent sounding audience tape for April 28th and supplying it with the new second audience source on the last volume. This nine disc set is hinged open box (in two different artwork types) with obi, poster and three individual paper gatefold sleeves.

      But yet, this is not the end of the news for today! The label have decided to attract the market with another deluxe box set, this time reissuing three different 1977 shows and assembled them in one package.

      Sitting On A Gold Mine is nine disc set collecting following performances: Pontiac on April 30th (audience recording and first time on EV label), Houston on May 21st (soundboard) and Seattle July 17th (soundboard). Each set is glossy gatefold sleeve with a new artwork housed in a hinged open box with obi. This set is structly limited to 50 numbered copies only and reissues audios know from past EV titles. (All photos courtesy of AirRaid website.)

February 14th, 2019

      Not too many news this time since the start of new year. It looks like many labels have deciced to get retirement or at least stop reussing the stuff known from past titles. However, Wendy introduced a new double disc set titled Naniwa Elegy, reintroducing Osaka October 4th, 1972 performance mixed from two very good sounding audience sources. This set is dedicated mainly to completists as recently released 1972 Japan box made by Empress valley last year brought a definitive and best sounding version of this show so far.

January 26th, 2019

      The first title of 2019 is the second edition of recently released 9 disc box titled The Destroyers by Japanese T2K label. The set contains exact same content (collecting April 27 soundboard and both audience tapes from April 28 show) and almost identical artwork.

      However, due to reasons explained at the time of releasing the initial editon, a big care must be taken with purchasing this title. The second source for April 28 show has been taken without any permission of the original taper and it was a clear violation of his kind request to share his tape freely over the Net. The currently circulated and much upgraded raw transfer is available and should be treated as ultimate version of this show.