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January 3rd, 2018

I just received an email with the following blackmail content from the user named evsd4, much likely as a revenge of my kind request of not publishing recently uploaded Cleveland tape.

For goodness sake stop getting drawn into the debate on bootleggers and hoarders. You are not doing yourself any justice at all.

It is widely known you are a mouthpiece for Empress Valley Supreme Disc. Do not do yourself a dis-service by getting into an argument on this issue. If you do I will upload to every Led Zeppelin forum the complete sordid tale of this particular source and everything else you have fucked and sabotaged to the Led Zeppelin community at large!!!

Cool off or take the consequences!!!!!!!!!!

Please be aware that if any of these will continue, I will be obligated to take legal actions to stop that silliness and inform the authorities immediately.

As stated, the author of this site do not sell commercially pressed records or CDs listed except titles from his personal collection! This is a discography, not a catalog and/or guide to sources from which bootlegs are made. Most of these items are long out of print or otherwise unavailable, and he has absolutely no information as to where they may be found.

Thank you.