Recent Updates

December 23rd, 2020

      Glasgow 1972 2nd Night is Lighthouse's two disc set from Green’s Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland on December 4th, 1972. This comes from a newly surfaced alternate recording patched with older source to make this new version more complete. A slight improvement in the quality, this set is still for more advanced collectors only.

December 19th, 2020

      Wendy Records is the very first label with recently surfaced audience alternate source for Glasgow on December 4th, 1972. As usual, standard jewel case is armed with obi. The title is Glasgow A Go Go and it's two disc set.

      L.Z. In Providence is another two disc set from Wendy, this time reissuing audience tape from Providence on July 21st, 1973. Again, the set is armed with obi.

      Finally, Empress Valley had reissued four Maryland May 1977 shows in lavish box set. The reissue is simply titled Maryland Moonshine and contains four individual sleeves for each of the shows assembled. A standard obi is included.

December 2nd, 2020

      The continuous reissue saga is on and as always, Lighthouse had issued two shows that have been released dozens of times, in multiple forms. Anyway, it seems that there's still a market for this so here we go!

      Listen To This Eddie: Mike Millard Master Tapes: New Edition is a triple set featuring the latest version of The Forum, Inglewood, CA on June 21st, 1977. Likely due to a huge demand the label had decided to reissue this show again.

      Long Beach Arena 1975 1st Night: Mike Millard Master Cassettes: Flat Transfer is another triple set from Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA on March 11th, 1975. Again, the first edition was sold out so quickly that they did not hesitate with reissuing this.

November 27th, 2020

      It seems that end of year is a very productive time for the labels. Just couple of days after as recently surfaced soundboard of the first night in LA 1975 has been released, Empress Valley announced their new title, per another recently issued Bootleg License set by T2K.

      The Wizard Of Oz is deluxe 9 disk set covering audience and soundboard sources for the Long Beach Arena, CA on March 11th, 1975 show. Limited strictly to 100 numbered copies and armed with a small booklet and sticker, this lavish set features three individual glossy gatefold sleeves housed in hinged open box and these as follows:

  • Mike Millard Master Tapes as Mastered Edition;
  • Mike Millard Master Tapes as Millard Flat Transfer Edition;
  • Special Bonus as Mastered Soundboard Version.

      Nothing new here this time, but this is a great chance to get Millard superb recording, along with great sounding soundboard source in one package.

November 24th, 2020

      As expected, Eelgrass label had just decided to reissue recently surfaced new soundboard for March 24th, 1975 show that took place in famous Los Angeles Forum, and paired it up with already existing fragment of newly circulated Bloomington soundboard tape on January 18th, 1975, along with few extra studio outtakes. The set is simply titled All Is Safe For Rock And Roll and it utulizes standard fat jewel vase obi housing four silver discs inside.

November 14th, 2020

      A complete soundboard of Los Angeles Forum on March 24th 1975, previously circulating as one hour portion fragment on special bonus disc entitled The Night Stalker, has been just released by the Empress Valley Supreme Disc label, and as with all past soundboard revolution series, is available in two different versions.

      Jesus is deluxe hinged open hard cartoon special box set featuring the complete soundboard on three discs, adding special bonus disc of previously unresolved version of Candy Store Rock, 108-page photo booklet and three cards. This set is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies only.

      The Awesome Foursome Live At The Forum is deluxe glossy gatefold sleeve featuring the newly circulating complete soundboard only. This set is not numbered and is limited to 200 copies and is dedicated for those, who weren't able to purchase collector's edition of this new source.

November 3rd, 2020

      Tarantura2000 had just announced that they will release a special third edition of Bootleg License set - and similarly to past editions - it will come in a lavish glossy cardboard box with a magnet on the site to hold the upper flap down, housing two thick tri-fold cardboard sleeves for each of the shows. This edition will be available in three different versions, which are strictly limited and numbered to 75 copies only.

      It was told that for the very first time the label used upgraded sources for both dates to improve its quality. March 11th is a source mix between three different Mike Millard copies, and fills with alternate audience tape in parts, where basic source isn't achieved. March 12th is reported to be sourced from a newly transferred alternate audience tape that stands only a step below from Millard source, which is used for last four songs.

      Mastered by mysterious Enigma, this new title looks very promising. From the description given, it should give us the opportunity to collect most complete and best sounding versions of each of the shows assembled in gorgeous packaging.

October 31st, 2020

      The recently surfcaed audience tape for Detroit July 13th, 1973 show found its place with three new releases, all have been issued simultaneously in the exact same manner, adding partial soundboard source as special bonus.

      Friday The 13th is Empress Valley four disc set, packaged in glossy gatefold sleeve and adding bonus disc in a separate paper sleeve.

      Detroit Rock City 1973 Volume 2 is Graf Zeppelin set, collecting exact same order of sources, packaged in fat boy jewel case and with a sticker and strict limitation.

      Detroit 1973 2nd Night is Lighthouse's four disc set, and as with above two, featuring newly found audience tape on first three discs, while the fourth disc is dedicated to the partial soundboard fragment from the end of the show.

      Wendy also released new title, reissuing the old tape from Boston Tea Party on January 25th, 1969. The double disc set is stupidly titled The Golden Age Of Pirates and incorrectly attributed to the now defunct old date of May 19th.

      To close this marathon, Graf Zeppelin released also a bunch of early shows. Texas Two Steps: Definitive Edition is double disc set covering Dallas March 29th and Houston March 30th shows, both from group's Autumn 1970 North American tour. As usual, the set is strictly limited and stickered.

October 28th, 2020

      Listen To This, Eddie: Mike Millard Master Tapes is the newest Lighthouse production. This six disc set featuring both a “Flat Transfer” and “Mastered Edition” of the recently surfaced Mike Millard's master tape clone from The Forum, Inglewood, CA on June 21st, 1977. This is limited to 50 sets only, and as expected, reissues already circulating stuff.

October 21st, 2020

      Yet just another Lighthouse version of Eddie hit the streets, this time with a so called flat transfer. A triple disc set, titled Listen To This, Eddie: Mike Millard Master Tapes: Flat Transfer offers absolutely nothing new, and as with their previous versions, it is more dedicated to trainspotters.

October 14th, 2020

      As expected, with a recently surfaced Eddie master, more labels are come to release this in its entirety. The latest Graf Zeppelin triple set is simply titled Listen To This, Eddie, and features a full show sourced from DAT transfer of a master tape.

      Empress Valley has also released their own version, copying master tape and embossing this with three different unique sets, each with different packaging. The first is just an old Eddie version, while second and third are exclusively Flat and Mastered transfers. Simply titled Listen To This, Eddie is label's tenth version of this legendary concert.

October 7th, 2020

      Recently surfaced master copy of famous Mike Millard recording for June 21th, 1977 show founds its way to Lighthouse's newest version of famous Listen To This Eddie set, subtitled Mike Millard Master Tapes.

      This triple disc set offers a straight torrent copy and those of you, who expected a significant upgrade here, might be dissapointed. The master tape doesn't only sound better than genuine 1st gen copies, but lacks also some depth and bottom end known from previous versions of this legendary performance.

September 2nd, 2020

      Two new releases have been announced for the start of Autumn this year. Both giving us some retrospective as both are reissuing some old stuff.

      Summer Jazz is a single disc from the Golden Eggs label and features a source mix for Newport July 6th, 1969 show. It has been reported that the quality is much upgraded and the main, better sounding source is absolutely free from any speed issues that have plagued previous versions of this remarkable gig.

      Wendy is also ready with new set titled 1980 Munchen Mag Dich, which is double disc collection combining audience sources for July 5th, 1980 show with Simon Kirke on additional drum kit for the final encore.

      As expected, Empress Valley has also released two new Yardbirds shows, again with two tracks repeated on both recordings per taper's fault. The title, Live Yardbirds, reproduces original artwork of 1971 Epic album and is numbered.

August 27th, 2020

      Graf Zeppelin is ready with its newest title, a triple disc set titled Electric Magic, featuring a complete audience recording for November 20th, 1971 show that took place during group's seventh UK tour. No info is given if this is a new source or an old version of recording that's in circulation for years. As always, the set is strictly limited to 200 numbered copies.

      Not so often we can see any of The Yardbirds recordings floating around, and especially those featuring Jimmy Page but just few days ago two previously uncirculated audience tapes have survived. These are Fillmore West July 1967 and Concord May 1968 California based shows and both have been just released by the Lighthouse team under the title Fillmore 1967 & Concord 1968.

      Unfortunately, the freely available copies are corrupted because first two songs from Concord show are appeared on both torrents erroneously. Per uploader's response this will be fixed soon so likely the label is gonna reissue this set as well. A casual sticker and limited numbered edition is included.

August 1st, 2020

      Two new titles and two new reissues of material known from past releases.

      Bath Of The Blues 4 disk paper gatefold reissue of the set released at the start of this year. Being reported as taken from confirmed Krishna master, this title has been sold out very quickly, hence this reissue id dedicated for those, who weren't able to purchase it yet. The set is limited to 70 numbered copies.

      Heavy Blues in 2 disk set of Paris October 10th, 1969 by the Empress Valley Supreme Disc. It features exact same content as all other titles including this show. Two versions of this set are available: oversized jacked limited to 100 copies and standard gatefold sleeve edition.

July 16th, 2020

      The Graf Zeppelin label just announced four new titles, each with material known from past releases but with some debuts on silvers as bonus content. Each set is strictly limited to 200 numbered copies and is supplied by the sticker.

      Long Beach 1975 1st Night is five disc set containing two unique tape sources for the March 11th show. The first three discs are dedicated to the legendary Millard source, while other two are completely new to silver second audience recording that has its debut here.

      Soars Of Buffalo 1969 is double disc set containing October 30th, 1969 show that took place on Kleinhands Music Hall. The second disc is completed with fragmentary tape from Kansas City on November 5th, 1969.

      Cardif 1972 2nd Night is another double disc set, this time collecting two very fragmentary performances: the first disc features December 12th, 1972 show on Capitol Theatre and the second disc is an excerpt from Philadelphia June 13th, 1972 show, which has its debut on silvers.

      Live From England 1972 is a triple disc set, which is a reissue of their old title, this time supplied with a completely new artwork. It collects Birmingham December 16th, 1972 and Brighton December 20th, 1972 shows.

July 9th, 2020

      Long Beach Arena 1975 1st Night: Mike Millard Master Cassettes is Lighthouse newest title containing famous Millard recording on March 11th, 1975. This features two versions with the final three discs labeled “Flat Transfer”. Unfortunately, the "flat" version (taken from freely available JEMS download) isn't as good as previous copies of Millard recordings. It suffers from unnecessary EQ and tape itself, used to produce this new set, is plagued by some unexpectable physical issues not presented anywhere else.

June 27trh, 2020

      Three new titles are on the way this week, all of them are just reissuing material known from past titles and they all likely are dedicated to more advanced collectors.

      Maple Leaf Gardens is a four disc set containing two unique audience and one soundboard sources for September 4th, 1971 show. Second audience source has its debut here but since it's very fragmentary, it offers nothing but just several minutes of alternate mixing. Few bonus tracks are added and they're dimensional mixes between audience and soundboard tapes. 200 numbered copies only.

      Listen To This Eddie - 2nd Press is Lighthouse's reissue of the set that has been already issued just few months ago. Standard sticker and limitation is included.

      Denmark 1969 is newest product from Wendy. It collects both Brondby from March 15th early show and Copenhagen from March 15th late show, it also offers DVD with three unique versions of Copenhagen march 17th TV appearance as black & white and colorized versions.

June 16th, 2020

      Daze On The Green is the newest product from Tarantura, and it collects two shows from Oakland on July 23rd and 24th, 1977 the band played as a part of The Day of the Green event. This 6 disc set collects two individual gatefold sleeves per each show and two types of artwork are released as well, each is limited to 77 numbered copies.

June 3, 2020

      Detroit 1973 is Lighthouse's answer to the recently released T2K set of two unique sources from the show that took place in Cobo Hall on July 12th, 1973. This six disc set includes each recording per three discs. Some initial copies will include a (pressed) bonus disc containing the soundboard from the same venue on July 13th, 1973.

      Nuremberg 1973 is Graf Zeppelin's new title, covering audience tape from Messezentrumhalle on March 14th, 1973. This two disc set is strictly limited to 200 numbered copies.

      Wendy Records is also hit the streets with its newest product, a two disc set titled 1970 War Cry, including Memphis April 17th, 1970 show.

May 28th, 2020

      The Milky Way Express is newest title from Wendy Records, a two disc set containing audience recording from Nassau Coliseum, New York on June 15th, 1972. Nothing new here, as it's just another reissue of the old stuff, packaged in standard jewel case and obi.

May 9th, 2020

      The Band That Beat The Beatles is the next release from T2K label. This six disc set collects two audience sources for Cobo Hall, Detroit show on July 12th, 1973. The first three discs are dedicated to upgraded copy of already known excellent sounding recording and next three discs are containing fully uncirculated new tape that has been liberated just few weeks before. Two artwork versions are available - the Blimp cover and the Starship cover. Each is limited to 73 numbered copies.

      Since last two titles met with quite positive feedback from the collectors, we should expect that this time the label put a neccessary efoort to contribute to this and kept the quality eventually.

April 29th, 2020

      Seattle 1977 is Lighthouse's newest production. This is a triple disc set containing stereo soundboard from the Kingdome, Seattle, WA on July 17th, 1977.

April 1st, 2020

      As expected, Lighthouse has just released a freely available download of famous Vienna March 16th, 1973 four source merge. Vienna 1973: New 4 Source Matrix is a two-disc set. Notes from the release describe this as “Stereo Matrix of 4 recordings synchronized & mixed together in varying levels & combinations: AUD sources 1-3 and SBD”.

      Wendy also released their own version of October 12th, 1969 show, and they simply titled it Live At The Lyceum Theatre London 1969, which is similar to Graf Zeppelin set.

March 25th, 2020

      Graf Zeppelin have released two new titles, both are reissuing material known from previous titles. As usual, simple jewel case and a sticker are assembled.

      Live At The Lyceum In London is a single disc covering October 12th, 1969 show, achieved on incomplete, very good sounding audience tape.

      I Got A Feeling Boston 1971 is a double disc set collecting September 7th, 1971 show from two audience very good sounding sources; the first tape is presented in its full form while second recording is shortened just to few selected songs and added as bonus content.

March 18th, 2020

      Some Other Guyz is newest T2K set containing Boston September 9th, 1970 show. This four disc set, released as lavish hinged open box with open lid containing two individual gatefold sleeves, colelcts two unique audience sources, each mixed with other tape in parts where basic recorder isn't available.

      Similar to label's previous effort, this new set has been mastered by mysterious Enigma, it has been said that the quality is much better than any past title. The set is strictly limited to 70 numbered copies per each artwork version and both are armed with stickers and obi.

March 13th, 2020

      As expected, the budget version of recently surfaced soundboard recording of September 28th, 1971 Osaka show finally found its way. Please Please Me 928 is Eelgrass newest title, which is a direct copy of Empress Valley's six disc set Please Please Me, and contains exact same content, collecting audience & soundboard mix on first three discs, soundboard source only on next two discs, and adding Beatles songs on the final sixth disc.

March 11th, 2020

      The Lighthouse team had announced their another new title, a triple disc set titled L.A. Forum 1977 4th Night. Described as "huge upgrade", this new set contains just another reissue of famous Mike Millard tape from June 25th, 1977 show and has completely nothing to do with anything truly upgraded or uncirculated.

March 3rd, 2020

      Milan 1971: Riot Show is a single disc from Lighthouse that contains newly discovered audience source for Milan July 5th, 1971 show. The disc collects a mix of the old and new recordings.

February 5th, 2020

      The first title of this year is Madison Square Garden 1970 Revisited. This four disc set, released by Lighthouse label, featuring both afternoon and evening shows at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY on September 19th, 1970. No label had previously released a 4CD set in 2017 as Madison Square Garden 1970 and is said to be sold out now. Having said that, this new title offers absolutely nothing and is dedicated for hardcore collectors only.

      Welcome To Home: Earl's Court 1975 1st Night is Graf Zeppelin's newest effort. A triple disc set features source mix for the May 17th, 1975 show in two versions, taken excsluviely from two source tapes. This set is limited to 200 copies.

January 5th, 2020

      No news this time but a BIG APPEAL to everyone, whom the situation in Australia isn't unmoved. Since November last year, the Australian theritory has been fighting with the biggest fires since ages.

      Quoting one of resources, "Hundreds of fires over weeks have burnt over 4 million hectares of land in NSW alone. Many animals were already struggling with a lack of water and food due to the drought. With the fires destroying unprecedented amounts of habitat, food shortages have increased and lack of suitable habitat will be a significant long-term challenge for surviving wildlife.

      It is impossible to know how many animals have perished and it will be many months before the impact on wild populations can be better understood but ecologists at Sydney University have estimated over 800 million animals have been affected in Australia since September."

      The situation is truly tragic, as the fires are still ongoing throughout the land, and scientists have said that no less than 450 millions of animals had died because of that fatal scenario. Many Australian citizens have also suffered much, and they have been either evacuated or lost their properties.

      In 2007 I've spent three great weeks, visiting Australia, and NSW especially, living in the north suburbs of Sydney, meeting lots of great people and tripping throughout the theritory and was mesmerizing of the beauty landscapes and richness of its flora and fauna.

      If anyone of you, dear readers, had decided to support Australians and its unique nature, please follow these three links and donate these institutions. This is something we can do to help rescuing this unremarkably and lovely land.

Thank you!

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