Recent Updates

November 29th, 2019

      The Lighthouse team had released their another attemp to famous 'Eddie" tape from June 21st, 1977 taped by great late Mike Millard in Los Angeles Forum. A triple disc set titled simply Listen To This, Eddie is their newest attempt to commemorate this fabulous show. This time they've decided to merge his superb sounding tape with relatevily newly discovered alternate tape source done by Gary B. and published in 2018. Nothing new is here as this title has been released dozens of times in the last few years.

      Wendy has also reissued one of the LA 77 shows, and did an attempt to present the June 22nd source merge and assembling it on a triple disc set, Back To The Forum. A standard jewel case and obi are included.

November 13th, 2019

      The Empress Valley has followed their latest release with another deluxe set, titled Quiet Storm and dedicated to the superb sounding soundboard recordings from February 13th and 14th, 1975 done at the Nassau Coliseum, New York. Additioanlly, for the very first time, the label has also decided to include a CDR bonus disc of February 4th, 1975 show done at the same venue, which is a mediocre sounding audience tape.

      As usual, this six disc set is deluxe hinged open box holding two single envelopes and a separate single envelope for bonus disc, adding also a special card and sticker. Without surprises, this set is strictly limited to 30 numbered copies only and so far it's dedicated for hardcore collectors. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

November 4th, 2019

      Maryaku L-Satsu is the newest deluxe box set released by the Empress Valley Supreme Disc label that collects four different sources for the legendary Osaka show that took place on September 29th, 1971 during their first visit in Japan. The set contains twelve discs packaged in four single envelopes, has additional card, sticker and in housed in beautifully designed hinged open box with special obi. Limited to 100 numbered copies only, it is reported to contain a newly uncirculated audience source as well as upgraded versions of already known audience and soundboard tapes.

      From the description of the set, following content is included: CD1-3 is Mr T-Tack Master audience tape containing the full show. CD4-6 is so called 2nd Master audience tape containg also the full show. CD7-9 is Hagure Gumo Edit Source that contains audience & soundboard source merge called alternatively as "Alien Editing" with the full show. Finally, CD10-12 is Sanda You Source Edit which also collects audience & soundboard source merge of the full show, titled alternatevily as "Japanese Editing".

      It is not known yet if any of these sources are truly uncirculated recordings but for sure this set is worth of further attention as there's still no truly definitive edition of this memorable gig released on factory pressed discs. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

November 2nd, 2019

      The T2k label have issued three new titles, each reissues previously circulated material. All are strictly limited and packaged in deluxe glossy sleeves and obis.

      Len Zefflin - It Might Get Loud is a single disc set covering very first known recording of the band done on Spokane on December 30th, 1968.

      Vienna 1973 is a four disc set collecting source mix for Vienna March 16th, 1973 show. Looks like a stright copy of their recent release King - A Night At The Opera released just two months earlier.

      From U.K. With Love is a five disc set covering both shows in Glasgow, exclusively from December 3rd and 4th, 1972. This is the second edition of this set, introducing a new artwork and gatefold style of cover.

October 10th, 2019

      The UFO Enigma is Empress Valley's newest title. This deluxe box collects three already released soubndboards from the North American 1975 Tour: St. Louis on February 16th, Fort Worth on March 3rd and San Diego on March 14th.

      This exceptionally rare promo box, strictly limited to 30 unnumbered copies, consists of paper cases for three individual shows, special inserts and a card that are housed inside an exquisite gold box with obi. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

September 27th, 2019

      King- A Night At The Opera is the newest releas from Tarantura2000 label. Issued in two different versions, it features also two different source mixes for the March 16th, 1973 show that took place in Stadthalle, Vienna.

      The 4 CD set features two versions of the same show - audience source patched with soundboard and soundboard patched with audience source. Two glossy gatefold envelopes are closed in deluxe box set, armed with obi and sticker. Each is strictly limited to 73 numbered copies and is available as white and black artowork version.

      Wendy Records also issued two new titles, of which one is a reissue and other adds new show to their catalogue.

      For Badgeholders Only is a triple disc reissue of their previous title, this time armed with a different artwork and obi. This set features a common Millard source tape and is completed with other sources.

      Midsummer Night's Dream is another triple disc set that collects audience and soundboard sources for the September 4th, 1971 show that took place at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada. This show hasn't been released for quite a long time and it's a nice addition to the general public. A standard obi is included.

September 22nd, 2019

      The Empress Valley Supreme Disc had issued Live On Blueberry Hill - a ‘stereo matrix master’ paired up from four different audience sources, new version of the 4th of September, 1970 show. This doouble disc set features recently torrented fan made production of this legendary gig synched and mixed together to provide the best sounding version so far.

      Available note indicates following information of sources used: * Source #1 = Neutral Zone bootleg CDs [the Blimp Records / TMOQ recording]. * Source #2 = Rubber Dubber Records bootleg LP. * Source #3 = tape source [of Mud Dogs bootleg]. * Source #5 = tape source [of Tarantura (2000) bootleg]. The lesser fidelity tape sources #4 [a/k/a Tarantura (1997)] and #6 (the most recently surfaced one) have been used to patch the introduction which is almost wholly missing from the other circulating tapes. See the Note further below for more information and identification (to the best of our ability and recollection).

      Additionally, the six disc special limited box set, titled also Live On Bleuberry Hill, has been released. Three different paper sleeves are housed in exclusive hinged open box with a small booklet and standalone sticker with label's logo. This collector'sedition is limited to strictly 100 unnumbered copies.

      The first two discs are the famous TMoQ/Blimp source. The third and fourth disc collects so called third audience source, which was recently issued by the Golden Eggs earlier this year. The fifth and sixth disc reissues newly relased source matrix.

September 5th, 2019

      Graf Zeppelin label has just released their own version of famous Destroyer, collecting both sources from April 28th, 1977 show on six discs, and packaging it in simple fat jewel case. First three discs are dedicated to excellent sounding tape that has been released numerous times, and the last three discs are from newly surfaced second audience source, which is more distant but also more clear tape. This set is limited to 200 copies only.

August 29th, 2019

      Empress Valley hit the streets with another deluxe item, titled Eternal Magic, reissuing material known from its original release. This four disc set is collecting superb sounding audience and soundboard tapes from group's very last show that took place in Berlin on July 7th, 1980, and adding special bonus disc with Victoria Theatre May 1980 rehearsals.

      Two versions of this deluxe set are released. The first is limited to 100 unnumbered copies hinged open box set that includes one gatefold sleeve and one single sleeve, along with special poster and sticker. The second version is standard hinged open box featuring one gatefold and one single sleeve. Both versions are armed with usual obis. (Both pictures are courtesy of AirRaid.)

August 18th, 2019

      Three reissues are due Empress Valley label, all of them repackaging three superb sounding audience and soundboard tapes that have been released over the years. Each set is limited to 100 numbered copies, and each has completey different artwork. (All photos courtesy of AirRaid.)

      Listen To This, Eddie is a reissue of famous June 21st, 1977 show taped by the great late Mike Millard at the fabulous Forum, Los Angeles, Ca.

      Flying Circus is a reissue of February 12th, 1975 show that took place at New York's Madison Square Garden.

      Snow Blind is a reissue of March 20th, 1975 show that took place on Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada.

August 2nd, 2019\

      Hard Rock Manchester is 2CD set, released by Wendy, including a source mix for December 8th, 1972 show.

      Empress Valley has just reissued one of their newest titles, Destroyer Newly Discovered!, adding a new artwork. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

July 19th, 2019

      The Empress Valley has decided to reissue their another title, Eternal Magic, consisting of superb sounding soundboard recording from July 7th, 1980 made at the Eissporthalle, Berlin, Germany. This triple set, armed with obi and sticker, also debuts with the third bonus disc that collects In Through The Out Door studio outtakes, along with The Lost Mixes EP sessions and a single track from Led Zeppelin II sessions. This reissue is limited to 100 numbered copies only.

July 12th, 2019

      As expected, the T2K have released their own version of both Glasgow December 1972 shows, titled rather pretentiously Ultra Zepp - From UK With Love, packaged in a luxury hinged open box.

      Two versions are available - "domestic" and "ovrseas". Both differs slightly in artwork and both are packaged in special plastic bag. The box consists of two separate gatefold digipacks and a small booklet. Each box and inner sleeves are supplied with obis and sticker. Each set is stritly limited to 77 numbered copies only.

June 27th, 2019

      Two new titles are on the way, and both are just rehashing stuff known from other past titles.

      Fresh Garbage is a four disc set released by Graf Zeppelin, containing January 10th, 11th and 12th performances that took the place in Fillmore West, San Francisco during group's first North American tour in 1969. A single song snippet of April 25th, 1969 from Winterland Ballroom is given as bonus.

      Brussels Affair is Wendy's own version of June 20th, 1980 show that took place in Brussels, Belgium during the last tour. A soundboard and audience mix is presented here.

June 19th, 2019

      Empress Valley has just released a newly surfaced show from Detroit on June 6th, 1972. The double disc set is titled The Red Fk Tee and is a simple glossy gatefold sleeve with obi. The set is limited.

      The label has also released Bonzo's Birthday Party, which is a mix between soundboard and audience tape sources. This triple disc set is also glossy gatefld sleeve with obi and is limited to 100 copies only.

      Three new titles are came out from Lighthouse additionally, all of them are armed with casual sticker and all are strictly limited.

      Earl’s Court 1975 4th Night is a four disc set soundboard recorded at Earl’s Court, London, UK on May 24th, 1975. Numerous versions of this show have been released in the past, so this title adds absolutely nothing new.

      Live In Japan 1971 is a six disc set recorded at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on September 29th, 1971. The first three discs are dubbed “Complete Version” and are a multi-source mix. The final three discs are dubbed “Unedited Version” and appear to mostly come from one source, whichever source that may be.

      Detroit 1972 is a single disc recorded at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan on June 6th, 1972. This comes from an incomplete newly surfaced unreleased audience source that captures only the last 79 minutes of the show.

June 9th, 2019

      Two new reissues are available from Empress Valley label. (Photos courtesy of AirRaid website.)

      Led Zeppelin II Making is a reissue of The Making of Led Zepelin II four disc set. Paper gatefold sleeve with obi and limited to 100 copies only.

      Pop Gets Tied Up is a jewel case version of recently released title. This is a five disc set of both Glasgow shows. Limited to 100 copies only.

May 15th, 2019

      Hot news from Japan today! It looks like something definitely interesting is coming out due to mid of June.

      The Night Stalker is previously unreleased soundboard from the Empress Valley Supreme Disc label. The recording is sourced from one of thnree nights the band spent between March 24th and 27th, 1975 in Los Angeles Forum, finishing their 10th North American tour. This newly circulated soundboard will be available in two versions:

      The Pareidolia Paradigm - This 9CD set, limited and numbered to 100 copies, features huge upgrades, previously unreleased rare sources and the lowest generation source material ever released on disk for all three Los Angeles Forum March 1975 shows. Each show is presented in the best quality and most complete version ever released. Each CD set is housed in special paper cases within an exquisite box with hologram cover. This set includes The Night Stalker new soundboard as a special bonus disk.

      The Night Stalker is also available as 1CD limnited set with original oversized jacket similar to the previously released title Rock Superstars. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

      Tarantura2000 has dediced to reissue their four different titles, supplying them with a different artwork - and in some cases - with a completely diferent title. Nothing new here though, and heavily dedicated to hardcore completists.

      Swine Rock is a direct copy of recently released In Rock triple disc set with two types of stickers. The Captured Battalion is another reissue of title that was originally issued just couple of weeke ago. Again, a different artwork is given. Live In Tampa '77 is a direct copy of label's latest release, Billy Clubs And Riot Gear. Live In Japan '71 is double disc reissue of Live In The Fairy Tale set.

      Another reissue from Lighthouse team, Salt Lake City 1973 is double disc set contnaining soundboard recording from Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah on May 26th, 1973.

April 27th, 2019

      It's rather uncommon practise these days when speaking about something relatively new but here it is! The T2K had announced a single disc titled Billy Clubs And Riot Gear that collects three different audience sources for the infamous June 3rd, 1977 show that took place on Tampa, FL and has been abruptly abandoned after three songs due to heavy rain. The label decided to include also short TV reports from local TC crews as bonus and armed it with inner gatefold booklet.

April 24th, 2019

      Three more reissues are about to pop up this week. All are came from Lighthouse label and all three are copying material known from the past titles, thus they are offering nothing new.

      Texas International Pop Festival 1969 Stereo Matrix is a single disc stereo soundboard recorded at the Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, TX on August 31st, 1969.

      Definitive Mobile 1973 is a double disc soundboard from Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama on May 13th, 1973.

      Stage In Tokyo 1971 is a double disc set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on September 23rd, 1971. No info is given from which source this set is taken but very likely it's just anaother mix of sources available on many other titles.

      Another two titles are coming out from Wendy Records, and yet again they're reissuing the stuff available on other titles.

            In ThroughThe Outdoor Sessions is double disc set collecting various outtakes and rehearsals recorded between 1978 and 1979 in various studios during the period of creating Led Zeppelin's last studio album. The set also contains a short portion of Hollywood 1975 Presence session and Bonzo's Montreux sessions from Switzerland 1976.

      Destroyer 1969 is a single disc set covering Cleveland, Ohio July 20th, 1969 show that hasn't been released since some time.

April 19th, 2019

      The Treachery Of The Long Knives is a reissue of already releaased soundboard and audience mix for the March 21st, 1975 marathon that was initially released in 2017 as a superb soundboard quality release. This 4 CD gatefold paper sleeve is limited to 100 numbered copies only and shares exact same audio as EV's previous version of this show, titled Long Knife Night. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

April 12th, 2019

      In typical fashion, T2K had announced their another new title, The Captured Battalion. This double disc set covers a famous soundboard of the June 30th, 1980 show that took place in Festhalle, Frankfurt during their last ever tour in Europe. The title is gatefold sleeve with standard obi and brings absolutely nothing new to the audience.

April 3rd, 2019

      It wasn't surprise that just after few days anaother Japanese label had decided to reissue recently issued title.

      Bath Festival Of Blues & Progressive Music ’70 is Lighthouse's double disc set featuring June 28th, 1970 show combined from two audience sources. To attract their buyers, the label have decided to include two bonus tracks taken from Krishna LP bootleg, which includes Heartbreaker and That's The Way achieved n better quality than circulated low gen copies. All in all, again this is dedicated only for hardcore collectors and offers absolutely nothing new to the general public.

March 29th 2019

      As expected, two more reissues of the material known from past titles have been announced and agaian, both are Japanese labels.

      Offenburg 1973 is Lighthouse's another attempt to the March 24th show mixed from two very good sounding audience sources. As in the case of their first release, this set is just a standard jewel case with sticker.

      Pleeeease Lord! Fourth Night In The Garden is four disc set by the Graf Zeppelin that collects complete source mix for the New York June 11th, 1977 show. The last disc is attributed to the fragmentary soundboard source. Again, it's nothing new here as this date was already released by Wendy last year.

March 15th, 2019

      Bath Festival aka "new cover version" is Empress Valley's reissue of the four disc set collection of two single audience sources recorded on June 28th, 1970 during Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music in Shepton Mallet, UK. A new artwork is given, along with obi and the content is actually the same as with the previous version released many years ago. (Photo courtesy of AirRaid website.)

March 4th, 2019

      As expected, the Empress Valley has released their own version of recently surfaced Glasgow December 3th, 1972 tape, titled Pop Gets Tied Up. In typical manner, two diferent editions have been issued: a triple disc set featuring new Glasgow tape only and five disc set that also features December 4th show from the same venue. The triple disc set is deluxe jewel case and five disc set is collector's gatefold sleeve limited to 100 copies only. (Both pictures courtesy of AirRaid website.)

      For those, who aren't interested in the luxury editions, the people behind the Lighthouse have also released this show on a double disc set simply titled Glasgow 1972 1st Night. A standard jewel case and sticker with limitation is given.

      At the same time Wendy Records is continuing the elegy of reissuing already liberated sources and flooded the market with two new sets. As usual, both titles are jewel cased and armed with obis.

      Wrath Of The Gods is a single disc set dedicated to the August 8th, 1969 show that took place in San Bernardino, Ca. This audience tape, married with a huge distortion, is dedicated mainly for those, who weren't able to purchase this recording in the past.

      Der Rote Baron is double disc set covering a superb sounding and very energetic performance from March 24th, 1973 that took place in Offenbach, West Germany during their European leg of tour promoting yet not released Houses Of The Holy album.

March 1st, 2019

      The Graf Zeppelin just announced their new title, Glasgow 1972 1st Night. This is a triple disc set of newly surfaced audience recording of almost complete show from December 3rd night at Green's Playhouse, Glasgow. A standard jewel case and limitation is given to this title that brings to us a completely new and uncirculated performance.

      T2K is ready with their anaother "super duper" reissue, this time introducing triple disc set titled Led Zeppelin In Rock (sic!), covering one of the famous Led Zeppelin live performances, the Montreux show that took place on March 7th, 1970.

      As with already released few past titles, this is a collection between excellent sounding audience and soundboard sources, combining source merge on first two discs and adding soundboard fragment on the third disc. Nothing new here and even the artwork is somewhat amusing as it's a parody of Deep Purple's In Rock album. The title is available in two different types, each differs with obi.

February 24th, 2019

      It looks like we're going thru the endless Cleveland 1977 saga! After a somewhat pointless T2K release of two shows from the first leg of the North American 1977 tour, the Empress Valley had decided to release their own version of newly surfaced second audience tape for April 28th show.

      Cleveland Rocks (subtitled The Destroyer Newly Discovered) is triple disc set containing the full tape sourced from new and better sounding transfer that was recently shared among the fans in December last year. A paper gatefold case holds three discs.

      For trainspotters, the label have reissued their regular type edition of deluxe Destroyer box set, arming its content with famous soundboard for April 27th, a well known excellent sounding audience tape for April 28th and supplying it with the new second audience source on the last volume. This nine disc set is hinged open box (in two different artwork types) with obi, poster and three individual paper gatefold sleeves.

      But yet, this is not the end of the news for today! The label have decided to attract the market with another deluxe box set, this time reissuing three different 1977 shows and assembled them in one package.

      Sitting On A Gold Mine is nine disc set collecting following performances: Pontiac on April 30th (audience recording and first time on EV label), Houston on May 21st (soundboard) and Seattle July 17th (soundboard). Each set is glossy gatefold sleeve with a new artwork housed in a hinged open box with obi. This set is structly limited to 50 numbered copies only and reissues audios know from past EV titles. (All photos courtesy of AirRaid website.)

February 14th, 2019

      Not too many news this time since the start of new year. It looks like many labels have deciced to get retirement or at least stop reussing the stuff known from past titles. However, Wendy introduced a new double disc set titled Naniwa Elegy, reintroducing Osaka October 4th, 1972 performance mixed from two very good sounding audience sources. This set is dedicated mainly to completists as recently released 1972 Japan box made by Empress valley last year brought a definitive and best sounding version of this show so far.

January 26th, 2019

      The first title of 2019 is the second edition of recently released 9 disc box titled The Destroyers by Japanese T2K label. The set contains exact same content (collecting April 27 soundboard and both audience tapes from April 28 show) and almost identical artwork.

      However, due to reasons explained at the time of releasing the initial editon, a big care must be taken with purchasing this title. The second source for April 28 show has been taken without any permission of the original taper and it was a clear violation of his kind request to share his tape freely over the Net. The currently circulated and much upgraded raw transfer is available and should be treated as ultimate version of this show.