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February 5th, 2020

      The first title of this year is Madison Square Garden 1970 Revisited. This four disc set, released by Lighthouse label, featuring both afternoon and evening shows at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY on September 19th, 1970. No label had previously released a 4CD set in 2017 as Madison Square Garden 1970 and is said to be sold out now. Having said that, this new title offers absolutely nothing and is dedicated for hardcore collectors only.

      Welcome To Home: Earl's Court 1975 1st Night is Graf Zeppelin's newest effort. A triple disc set features source mix for the May 17th, 1975 show in two versions, taken excsluviely from two source tapes. This set is limited to 200 copies.

January 5th, 2020

      No news this time but a BIG APPEAL to everyone, whom the situation in Australia isn't unmoved. Since November last year, the Australian theritory has been fighting with the biggest fires since ages.

      Quoting one of resources, "Hundreds of fires over weeks have burnt over 4 million hectares of land in NSW alone. Many animals were already struggling with a lack of water and food due to the drought. With the fires destroying unprecedented amounts of habitat, food shortages have increased and lack of suitable habitat will be a significant long-term challenge for surviving wildlife.

      It is impossible to know how many animals have perished and it will be many months before the impact on wild populations can be better understood but ecologists at Sydney University have estimated over 800 million animals have been affected in Australia since September."

      The situation is truly tragic, as the fires are still ongoing throughout the land, and scientists have said that no less than 450 millions of animals had died because of that fatal scenario. Many Australian citizens have also suffered much, and they have been either evacuated or lost their properties.

      In 2007 I've spent three great weeks, visiting Australia, and NSW especially, living in the north suburbs of Sydney, meeting lots of great people and tripping throughout the theritory and was mesmerizing of the beauty landscapes and richness of its flora and fauna.

      If anyone of you, dear readers, had decided to support Australians and its unique nature, please follow these three links and donate these institutions. This is something we can do to help rescuing this unremarkably and lovely land.

Thank you!

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